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  • User Description: Angela Crews Beardsley What happened to George Floyd is wrong, but this....... is just as WRONG. I am so sad for this officer. He was serving his community and trying to make a positive difference. The shooter, perpetrator, deserves full punishment, life in prison. This rioting needs to stop now. It is not about Floyd anymore. It is anarchy. Political activist trying to breakdown society and create chaos and influence elections. Disgusting that the youth are so WOKE and can't bsee they are being played. And... I stand with all lives, black, white, brown, red, and cops.....they all matter. Death and Obituary are using the people to divide and conquer here. And they are succeeding. I pray for this man's family and George's. They are suffering needlessly. This evil is going to destroy us. The riots are cancerous and will only hurt not help. God help us please.Jeffrey Chan That’s how dangerous their jobs are, I admire their work. They may be over defensive at times, they have a family too but they have to respond. I wouldn’t resist arrest cos I let the judge decides. You run away and the god decides, and you do silly things and your luck decides.Lee Salisbury This poor guy!! America, you NEED to STOP. This man had a family!!! We are ALL the same in this country these days. Just look at Dr Ben Carson! It's up to US how we play this out. Its up to each individual person to pick the path they travel on. Shooting a good officer in the back of his head is NOT the way to "protest.Dee Ann Lord protect our police officers and I pray severe criminal charges for those rioters. But Lord, they may not receive justice on earth and so we trust and know that there is true justice from the Lord.Aleks Tym Will corporations and celebrities honor him? Will the mayor cry at his funeral? Will his children receive a free education? Will his family receive millions of dollars in donations? Will he be a new national hero?Oh, no, he was not criminal, didn't use drugs and just did his work for the good of the society. He does not deserve all the mentioned.Nick Kaleva So sad! What’s even more disgusting about this is that there are so called leaders in many cities supporting the Bum Lives matter movement and not the very people that are protecting there cities. I wish him and family the best and am so very sorry for this terrible situation.Amanda Clowers-Wacasey I’d really hate to be an officer this day and age, it’s gotta be very tough on them. The good ones paying the price for what a handful of bad ones have done. I don’t agree with what happened to Gorge Floyd, but all officers aren’t bad. I pray for all their safety and I hope this one makes a full recovery. Earle Glazier And yet no one cares. The protests continue which now and have for awhile have nothing to do with George Floyd. It is all about the election. No one will prove me wrong because it is the truth. BLM spiked right before the 2016 election and now again right before the 2020 election. Coincidence? No. Pathetic.کارگاه-زنده-همایش-ایمپلنت/دکتر-حسن-مهاجرانی-دبیر-ششمین-همایش/فراخوان-مقاله-ویژه-رشته-اندودنتیکس/دکتر-رامین-فهیما/همایش-ایمپلنت/آیت‌الله-هاشمی‌رفسنجانی/اثرات-پودرهای-سفیدکننده-بر-دندان/دکتر-حسن-مهاجرانی-دبیر-ششمین-همایش/فراخوان-مقاله-ویژه-رشته-اندودنتیکس/دکتر-رامین-فهیما/کارگاه-زنده-همایش-ایمپلنت/همایش-ایمپلنت/آیت‌الله-هاشمی‌رفسنجانی/اثرات-پودرهای-سفیدکننده-بر-دندان/володин-не-стал-комментировать-рассл.html Page URLاللغة الفرنسية/34/alimentation-et-bien-etre ofile&from=space ofile&from=spaceเซิฟเกมส์.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=26301&do=indexReferring Page URL Page URL Page URL,-OBITUARY-AND-DEATHS-REPORT,-OBITUARY-AND-DEATHS-REPORT2,-OBITUARY-AND-DEATHS-REPORT4,-Phil-Leder-Death,-George-Steiner-Death-,-James-Banks-Death-,-David-Gardner-Death,-Jack-Pearson-Death,-OBITUARY-AND-DEATHS-REPORT2,-Mr-Tumble,Rush-Limbaugh,Holly-Piirainen,-Nicole-Dubos,-Austin-Navarro,-Austin-Navarro,-Johnny-Lee-Davenport,-Nkosi-Johnson,-Scott-Milne,-Rachel-Freeman3,-OBITUARY-AND-DEATHS-REPORT,-OBITUARY-AND-DEATHS-REPORT Copy/DispForm.aspx?ID=100155,-Mr-Tumble,Rush-Limbaugh,Holly-Piirainen,-Nicole-Dubos,-Austin-Navarro,-Austin-Navarro,-Johnny-Lee-Davenport,-Nkosi-Johnson,-Scott-Milne,-Rachel-Freeman,-Mr-Tumble,Rush-Limbaugh,Holly-Piirainen,-Nicole-Dubos,-Austin-Navarro,-Austin-Navarro,-Johnny-Lee-Davenport,-Nkosi-Johnson,-Scott-Milne,-Rachel-Freeman,-OBITUARY-AND-DEATHS-REPORT Copy/DispForm.aspx?ID=100134

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