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DNA Forensics Lab


DNA ForensicsLaboratory isa private DNA testing company specializing in offering reliable, accurate, andconfidential testing services to both the private and public sectors worldwide.We offer a diverse range of DNA testing services to cover different cases likea Paternity DNA Test, maternity DNA test, Sibling ship DNA Test, paternity trio DNA test, Immigration DNA test, and DNA profiling.

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Legal DNA Tests in India

  • Order online for Legal DNA Tests in India at DNA Forensics Laboratory, your specialist provider of accurate and confidential DNA testing services.... Read more

Paternity Testing

  • DNA Forensics Laboratory is famous for providing Paternity Testing Services to determine the biological father for court and immigration purposes.... Read more

DNA Profiling Test

  • Welcome to DNA Forensics Laboratory, where we offer exclusive & cost effective DNA Profiling Test in India. We offer DNA Profiling Test to... Read more

DNA Testing For Immigration Purposes

  • At DNA Forensics Laboratory, we provide authentic and optimal DNA Testing For Immigration Purposes at a competitive amount. Our specialists also... Read more

Signature Verification

  • DNA Forensics Laboratory is highly deserving of tendering various Signature Verification tests such as insurance claims, authentication of... Read more

Immigration DNA Test in India

  • If you want to authenticate your family to obtain a visa or citizenship, you legally need an Immigration DNA Test.Visit DNA Forensics Laboratory,... Read more