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Nowadays the competition increases day by day with the level of difficulty of the courses, but some courses are already at a difficult pace from the start. Students have to work hard to take classes because they need a lot of focus, dedication, and hard work. ​Some students leave the course in the middle because they are unable to complete it and therefore cause them to leave the course. Taking these courses takes courage and the most important is interest. If a student is interested in one of the bags then can complete this path with passion. Competitors increase and, on the other hand, market opportunities decrease. Each course has its own specialty and students choose according to their comfort, needs, and interests. As already mentioned, these days the difficulty level of the course increases due to the subjects, program, homework, exam, and duration. These courses are said to be the most difficult in the world and pass the most difficult exam in the world. There are entrance tests/exams before entering the course, so sometimes this entrance exam becomes the most difficult thing for the student who wants to take these most Toughest Courses In The World

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