Revo Bag Closer Machine

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Mumbai, Maharashtra
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Revo Bag Closer Machine

Call:- 0731-4076606 / 7089062266 \9713032266

Revo Bag Closer Machine the bag keeps it neat. The main difference between one and two is that this sews a bag with two fabrics. This twin needle, a double strap gives the Parallel chain texture. It ensures that the product is packaged safely and effectively. Easy to operate. This machine is widely used in the food industry. The easiest way for products to move. Used by large industries such as KOLO, IRICE, supply units. And if there is any transportation business to make products, then it is widely used to pack things in bulk. It is used by many retailers to cover food bags, agricultural products, fertilizers, chemicals, salt, sugar, rice (in bulk if packaged). A double thread is assigned to the machine so that we can say that two needles sew the bag continuously.

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