How and when the essay originated

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An essay is a prose genre of small volume and free composition. In simple words, it is an essay-expression. Journalists were the first to write them. The great French thinkers D. Diderot and F-M. Voltaire turned the brillassignment into an original genre of philosophy. The model for how to write such things was M. Montaigne's famous book, The Essays.

Notes on essays

The vogue for all things French made essays Europeanly popular. The Age of Enlightenment brought echoes of essayism to Russia as well. The first Russian journalists headed by N.I. Novikov began to try their hand at writing notes on contemporary topics.

The essayist freely tells the reader about the social problems that concern him, shares his life experience.

Know the rules of essay writing should every schoolboy. Short exam essays help to answer the questions of the text offered for analysis, to reveal creativity, to demonstrate the ability to think independently.

Types of essays

Essay is a kind of literature, which implies that such an essay is defined by its topic and purpose. Depending on this, the essay is:

  • literary-critical;

  • historical;

  • philosophical;

  • spiritual and religious.

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