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The ice box is made from a simple insulation material and has a chunk of ice inside it. The ice then melts and cools the air. In olden times, a wooden box was the most popular choice because it was easy to make and inexpensive. If a person had an ice box and a refrigerator, the box was only used for ice and not for perishable foods. Occasionally, there would be a small plate of food inside the box to help keep it cool on hot days. Although the box has ice in it, there’s a common misconception that the ice box will freeze food, making it solid. However, that’s not the case. The ice box keeps the food cold as the amount of ice is less. An ice box was a popular device in the 1900s, and plenty of women still had one in their kitchen until the 1950s.

Since its invention in 1840, the humble ice box has come a long way. How do you pick the right one and ensure you're getting the most bang for your buck with so many models available?

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Spectron 100 Liter Red Plastic Ice Box SIR 100-01

Types of Ice Box

The main difference between the two types of ice boxes is the material from which they are made:

1. Ice Boxes Made of Polyethylene

These ice box coolers are made of polyethylene plastic and have an insulation layer between the outer coatings. They are typically manufactured using Roto-moulded techniques, which means that the more significant parts of the icebox are formed from a single large piece of polyethylene plastic. As a result, there are fewer joins and gaps in the icebox and extremely low heat absorption.

It's important to remember that these ice box models are more likely to retain odours than fibreglass models, so you'll need to clean them between trips thoroughly. On the plus side, the polyethylene ice boxes are lighter than fibreglass and frequently offer better value for money.

2. Ice Boxes Made of Fibreglass

In this type of ice box, the interior and exterior layers are made of fibreglass, with insulation between them to keep the contents cool.

Because they are made of fibreglass, these ice box models can be damaged if not correctly cared for and are sometimes heavier than plastic ice boxes. These types are non-porous, so they do not retain odours or smells. Fiberglass ice boxes can typically keep ice for five to seven days in ideal conditions.

Overall, they have excellent cooling capabilities. Fiberglass icebox coolers do not keep odours. They are excellent for storing the most pungent foods and fish, making them popular for fishing trips.

However, all of this comes at a cost, and fibreglass ice boxes can be a more expensive cooling option. But at , you can avail of ice boxes at bulk discounts apart from up to 70% off we’re running sitewide.

How to Select an Ice Box

Here are some tips for buying an ice box:

• Handles: Some models have large protruding handles from the icebox, whereas others are built-in and streamlined. Built-in ergonomic handles make transportation and storage easier.

• Durability: Look for ice boxes that are tough enough to last for many trips. Consider the design, such as the hinges, lock, handles, and feet.

• Size: How much storage space do you require inside your ice box, and how much space does it take up in your car? We have ice boxes ranging in size from 4 litres to 1250 litres, so you'll find one that suits your needs.

• Extras: You shouldn’t neglect small details like drain plugs for easy drainage, carry straps, and lock down latches while making a decision. When shopping for an icebox, look for these extra features.

• Price: The ice box price is most likely a matter of concern. At, you can shop iceboxes starting from Rs 600. Whether it’s a 4 litre box or a huge 1,000-litre box, you can buy an icebox at affordable rates.

• Warranty: Choose a model that comes with a solid warranty. It is not recommended to go for a low-cost manufacturer because finding a spare part or getting the inspection done will be difficult in that case.

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The Aristo Ice Box 50 Ltr price is Rs 2,188 and is one of our bestselling iceboxes. Shop at


The ice box has many models on offer and the best way to find the correct ice box for your needs is to research and compare different models. By looking at the additional features and corresponding cost, you will be able to find the right box for your needs. We hope this article helped you find the right ice box, and if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at or call on 91 8448449073.

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