Bearing Puller Tool For Hassle-free Dismantling

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Bearing pullers are versatile tools that are used to remove or reinstall bearings, gears, pulleys, propellers, and couplings from shafts.

How is a bearing puller tool helpful in dismantling?

bearing puller tool has a safe multi-point grasp on the portion being pulled to equalise the forces, as well as a screw or hydraulic jack centre to ensure the pulling force. The tool comes in a variety of styles, including mechanical and hydraulic pullers, to make the task of removing or installing bearings easier, faster, and safer.

What is the purpose of a bearing puller tool?

If a part, such as a gear, bearing, or ball bearing, is too tight to loosen with your own effort, you'll need help from a tool. When a stuck part is fitted on a machine, for example, causing it to come to a halt, disassembly must be quick, efficient, safe, and delicate. That's something only a puller can provide. As a result, a puller represents improved value, productivity, and machine longevity. You should also keep in mind that the cost of replacing machinery due to poor maintenance is always larger than the cost of purchasing the perfect puller. It's also worth noting that a puller isn't just for the automotive business; it's employed in any industry where downtime needs to be avoided.

How do you pick the best Bearing puller tool?

To choose the correct puller for your application, start by examining the stuck part's installation conditions. This can be broken down into four groups or types of pullers:

• An external bearing puller tool can be used if the part to be removed is seated on a shaft and is freely accessible from the outside. The most prevalent sort of puller is this one.

• An internal bearing puller is required if the portion to be removed is in a recess rather than on a shaft.

• A separator and a pulling device are required if the item fits flat.

• A ball bearing puller is required if the ball bearing is installed on a shaft and in a housing at the same time.

Here's a quick guide to using this Bearing puller tool:

  1. To begin, place the puller around the part externally or internally, depending on the item to be removed.

  2. The legs of the puller must then be adjusted so that they fit tightly around or within the part that will be pulled out.

  3. At this stage, move the forcing screw clockwise with your hands until it meets the shaft. It's critical to adjust the legs until the screw's centre aligns with the shaft's centre.

  4. While exerting force onto the shaft, turn the forcing screw gently and cautiously using a spanner or a socket wrench. Turn the forcing screw until the component separates from the shaft.

  5. Finally, free the forcing screw by rotating it counterclockwise and removing the portion from the puller's legs.

What is an external puller, and when does it come in handy?

The most common application is pulling with an external puller, which is necessary when the part to be pulled off is freely grabbed and removed from the outside, as the name implies.

A traditional external puller consists of a crossbar with a spindle running through it and two or three arms attached to it. The external puller's arms hold the part to be pulled off from the outside when pulling. The portion to be pulled off is loosened from the shaft by tightening the spindle.

What are the most significant characteristics to look for in a bearing puller tool?

First and foremost, you must assess the available space. The diameter, depth, and accessible space around the part to be removed are all factors to consider. You should also take into account the maximum load and maximum torque. The method of operation and functionality might also help you decide which external puller to utilise.

For instance, if you require a puller for repeated usage, you should select one with self-centering jaws.

You should pick a puller with sliding and parallel jaws if you want a puller that can adjust to diverse installation scenarios.

Thus, when selecting an external puller, all contributing aspects should be considered.

What are the most common bearing puller tool types?

  1. External pullers with sliding, parallel jaws, with their amazing flexible modular system, are by far the most frequent and general variety. One such versatile external puller you can check on Industry Buying is Groz Bearing Puller

The below-mentioned features make this puller simply outstanding:

• This Quick and simple-to-use Gear Puller is five times faster than ordinary pullers.

• Jaws can also be reversed for pulling gears and bearings from the inside or outside.

• Jaws have a slim design that allows easy access to hard-to-reach bearings and gears.

• Jaws are made of Chrome Molybdenum steel that has been precisely heat-treated for increased strength and wear resistance.

• Gears, pulleys, bearing flanges and flywheels, shafts, and housings are all pulled out using this tool.

2. Bearing pullers can be further categorised based on their hooks and, as a result, their functioning. External pullers with swivelling jaws, self-centering jaws (Technology Auto Grip), self-centering and self-tensioning hooks (technology Auto Snap Auto Grip), reversible jaws, adjustable jaws, side clamp, and other features are available.

You can find effective bearing pullers with reversible jaws on

One such bearing puller is the Unique Bearing Puller. Its features are listed below:

• Reversible type puller.

• Drop forged chrome-plated steel.

• Forged steel auto black finish.

• Adjustable legs for internal and external pulling of gears and bearings

• Drop Forged

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3. One more important type of bearing puller is the internal bearing puller which is required if the portion to be removed is in a recess rather than on a shaft. These helpful internal bearing pullers are also there on One can check out Royal Inside Bearing Puller for effectively pulling the bearings which are hard to reach.

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4. One other very helpful bearing puller is Fan bearing puller which is crucial in removing fans. At Industry Buying, we have this amazing Jet 2 In 1 Fan Bearing Puller, whose great features make it a perfect choice for buying.

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Some of its important features are:

• This fan bearing puller set has phosphate-coated steel drifts to prevent corrosion.

• Can be used with Impact tools with the help of a heavy-duty drive screw.

• This fan bearing puller also reduces the risk of hub and bearing damage.

What sets the bearing pullers at Industry Buying apart from the competition?

Industry Buying is a marketplace with 1.2 lakh industrial products. With us are the great brands that are among the world's leading manufacturers for non-destructive dismantling.

At Industry Buying, you can be totally sure to get the best rates and quality assured products only from the best of brands with exclusive brand discounts you won’t find anywhere else. Go on the platform now and avail the best offers on your purchase.

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